I have been blessed with a natural gift. I try, through my art, to capture an emotion, tell a story, or bring a long forgotten memory back from the past. Whenever possible you will find a touch of humor in my work.

Life is far too short to waste time taking yourself too seriously. I hope you find something in my art that inspires you to live every day, and never miss a laugh.

My husband insisted i do a self-portrait. We never see ourselves as old as our birth cerificates indicate. I often feel like a teenager in a 50+ year old body. Surrounded by my favorite things, you can see the transition starts while looking in the mirror. My glasses have disappeared. The little girl on the canvas is from a photo of me at age 15 months. The original is not for sale but 8" x 10" prints are available.





It was the roar of the ocean waves and the smell of salt water that made Andrew the lion love the seashore. One day, while chasing the waves, he came face to face with Caiti Catfish. It was love at first sight!

As time passed a small miracle was born, Leo the lionfish. Leo had his father’s eyes.  In fact, his body from the waist up was that of a lion cub. From the waist down, he had his mother’s fish tail. Although he had special needs, his parents always praised him for his uniqueness and special abilities.


It’s not often that a lion and a catfish fall in love, but when they do, their tale is filled with important lessons on respecting our differences and judging each other by our hearts, not our appearance.

For Leo, life isn’t very easy. See, he’s like the other lion cubs when he’s on the beach—kind of. And when he’s swimming in the ocean he’s like the other catfish children—kind of. It’s almost like he’s part of each world but not really a part of either.  Poor Leo is caught in the middle.

Luckily for him he has two very special friends. Though he can swim in the ocean and play with the dolphins and whales, he can’t breathe underwater like the other young catfish. But his cousin Caitryn reminds them all how smart Leo is for using a hollow reed to breathe underwater while he swims and plays. And when he’s on the beach? Well, he can’t really keep up with his lion cub cousins either—until his cousin Kim gets the rest of the cubs to pitch in and turn a wooden cart into a perfect wheelchair that gives Leo the ability to run! But it isn’t until he gives the sea lions an important lesson in respect and kindness that Leo is truly able to accept himself.

When a violent storm puts the lives of Caitryn and other young catfish in danger by throwing them up onto the shore, and reaches onto land and sucks Kim out to sea, it is up to Leo to save the day, for he is the only one who knows how to live in both worlds. Just when it looks like Leo will be able to rescue everyone, a pirate ship sails into view and it will take a little luck, a little courage, and a lot of teamwork if Leo is going to be able to rescue Kim and send the pirates on their way!

An inspiring tale of a lion cub with a fish’s tail, Dee Kasarda’s debut is a heartwarming reminder to never judge a book by its cover. It imparts valuable life lessons on bullying, teasing, and most importantly the need for all of us to stand up for ourselves. As educational as it is entertaining,Someone Special: A Lion’s Tale is an empowering adventure filled with unbridled imagination and vivid imagery as it teaches your child the importance of accepting others as they are.


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